Help us to support Business2Schools

October 22, 2020

Business2Schools is a charity which was set up to encourage firms to donate any furniture and tech they don’t need to be rehomed in schools, so supporting the education of young people in schools across the UK.

On the tech side, Business2Schools aim to provide digital devices (laptops, tablets, computers) to schools to be both used in schools and loaned out to help the one million estimated schoolchildren in the UK who don’t have proper access at home to the internet or digital devices.

How you can help

Premieredge heard about the Business2Schools initiative following an article on BBC Points West. It struck a real chord with the Directors and so we contacted Business2Schools to see how we could help. As an IT services company we felt that we we were in a good position to be able to work with our clients to source unused digital devices.

Business2Schools confirmed that if we could collect and wipe the hard drives of unused computers/laptops, then they could direct us towards schools with the greatest need in the local area. This seemed like a straightforward, practical way for us to support local schools, so here we are.

Short Term – Personal devices

In the short term we are all searching our personal cupboards for digital devices we no longer use – and would love it if employees in your company could do the same. We can then discuss with you the best way to get these devices to us, and we will wipe their hard drives and contact Business2Schools to arrange where these devices could be used. We will follow up with you to let you know which school/schools have benefited from this initiative so you can let your teams know.

In order to drive this forward quickly and efficiently, we would ask you to notify us of how many devices your employees have managed to dig out by the end of November by emailing us on We will then get in touch and arrange with you how to get the devices to us.

Longer Term – Business devices

Currently, when our clients invest in new computers/laptops, we arrange for the safe disposal of the old devices. In the future we will continue to collect your old devices, but will then determine if they would be suitable to go to Business2Schools. If they are, we will then contact you to let you know how many devices would be suitable to pass on and ask you if you would like to do this. Again, we will be able to let you know which schools have been the grateful recipients of these devices.

There is no obligation for you to say yes, so if you prefer for them to be disposed of in the usual way then this will be actioned.

By incorporating this new policy as part of our general working procedures we hope to be able to help Business2Schools over the long term.

More about why we are doing this

Life has changed for all of us to a larger or smaller extent since the first lockdown was announced in March.

Children and their families have been some of the hardest hit – as anyone who has tried to undertake home schooling will testify. This has been made even harder for many families by a lack of digital devices on which to access and complete schoolwork, leading to a digital divide between the attainment of richer and poorer students over the lockdown period. It is estimated that around one million children and young people were left without proper access to the internet or devices.[i]

Now, schools are back, but it would be naive to think that the problem has gone away.

At any one-time hundreds of thousands of school children are at home self-isolating.  Government figures show that 400,000 children were off school last week for Coronavirus related reasons.[ii] This might be because they or a member of their family are showing symptoms of Covid19 or have tested positive, or increasingly because their school ‘bubble’ (often a whole year in the case of secondary schools) has been sent home.

If those children are going home to households without access to digital devices to carry out their schoolwork, then there is a good chance that they will fall behind in their schoolwork.

The team at Premieredge felt we were in a position to be able to use our position as an IT company with a good client base to help to address this problem in some small way in the local area at least, and to help out some local schools.