How to work from home and maintain your dignity

May 14, 2020

With the latest advice still leaving many of us working from home, we thought we’d take a lighthearted look at some hints and tips about how to do so without embarrassment – particularly when using video conferencing software.



1.      Get fully dressed before joining your team meeting

Do we really need to say this?  Well apparently the answer is yes judging by the number of people who appear to have failed to do so if Twitter is anything to go by. This is one of our favourites:

This obviously is even more important if you’re appearing on TV..


2.     Only use Zoom filters if you actually know how to use them

At least if you don’t want to spend the entire meeting as a potato…


3.     Understand mute etiquette

Whichever video conferencing software you are using for your meeting, there will be a mute button. Please learn how to use it, as well as agreeing how to signal you want to speak within the meeting.


4.      Try and find somewhere away from the kids – at least if you are on National TV!

This is pre-lockdown from a few years ago – but we love it so could not resist including it.



5.      Check your surrounding BEFORE you start the camera

OK so you’ve found somewhere quiet away from the kids, but please check around as you don’t want anything unintentional to be caught on camera!

6.      Finally – Look out for ‘help’ from your co-workers

However cute your co-worker is, when they start playing with your mouse or pressing the buttons on your keyboard look out – or your contacts could get some remarkably interesting emails.