Launching our new brand

May 16, 2017

You may notice that things are a bit different round here. No, we haven’t had a haircut, we’ve rebranded!

We kept our old name – Premieredge – because we feel that it accurately portrayed the way we give our clients an edge in business. And we are still the same old us underneath. We rebranded because we wanted to let our personality shine through the business and show our values transparently. Why? Because we think these are great reasons to work with us.

We solve, you evolve

Our new strapline came about during the rebranding process. All our staff were interviewed and there was one interesting thread which bound us all together. In our own way, we each absolutely love solving puzzles. And really, that is exactly what IT solutions are: puzzles.

What about the “evolve” bit? Well, clients we work best with are growing businesses. Businesses that face new IT challenges through growth and need to move with the times to succeed. Plus, it rhymes beautifully with solve!

Puzzle box

So we all love puzzles, and the puzzle motif is woven through our branding. We’ve even included a dedicated puzzle page on our website where we set a few challenges of our own. If you have a spare ten minutes and want some fun, check out our Puzzle Box.

Meet the team

Some people think of IT companies as being technology firms, but we are very much a people business. We recruit on IT excellence AND customer focus, and set things up to run smoothly, dare we even say “enjoyably”! Sure, we all know our IT onions, but we won’t bamboozle you with tech jargon. The team are a friendly bunch who live active lives away from IT and, depending who you’re talking to, you may chat about Motocross, the fortunes of Bath Rugby or even some amateur dramatics.

Ensuring your IT matches your business’s plans

Let’s not forget about the IT though. Premieredge offers the full range of IT services – everything you would expect. To demonstrate this, we feature client case studies on the site to tell the stories of how we help.

Our clients’ experience is that our listening approach really differentiates us from other IT companies in Bristol. We don’t stride in and say you need this, that and the other. Our approach is to listen to what you need, and ask questions. We can and then tailor a package exactly to your requirements and budget – whether that be server virtualisation, a new network infrastructure or 3CX VoIP telephony.