Keep the hackers at bay with Security Awareness Training (SAT)

October 11, 2022

One of the major security risks businesses face is hackers accessing their database. Unfortunately this is often made easier for cybercriminals because employees don’t know how to prevent it.
So, what can be done to prevent hackers getting into your database? Premieredge suggests a layered security approach including training your employees using our Security Awareness Training (SAT) programme.

How does it work?

SAT is completed via monthly modules, such as-
• Working safely with emails.
• Creating and looking after passwords.
• Guarding yourself against cyber criminals when working from home.
• How to avoid falling prey to phishing emails.

You can easily track your employees training using system generated reports. You can see who has done which modules, and where employees have had any issues with the training.

Why is it vital for my employees to have SAT?

Criminals target both small and large companies, it is naïve to think that your company won’t be one of them. 43% of companies were targeted in the last year (up from 38% the year before.) If you don’t prevent an attack from happening the consequences can be extremely damaging, these can include-
• Criminals accessing your data.
• Your business losing money.
• Criminals gaining access to your passwords allowing them access to your networks.
• Hackers installing mining software to mine cryptocurrency!

Criminals will target any company particularly where defences are weak, and if they access your database the list of risks is almost endless.

Questions about SAT

How does the training work?

The training is an ongoing programme that we recommend your team do on a rolling basis. It has been proven that if the security awareness training is completed this way, then it is much more effective than if it is done as a one-off. Your employees will be completing shorter, more in depth punchy modules to help keep them interested in the training.

How will I know if the training is working?

We help you with this! At the beginning of the training, we will send out a phishing email to your employees. This will tell us how many of your employees fall prey to clicking on the email, and we will then be able to send you these results. As the training goes on, we will continuously send out phishing emails along with the results afterwards.

How can we keep our staff interested?

If your employees understand the difference the training makes, the more likely they are to stick with it! We recommend that you share the results with your employees so that they can see the difference that the training has produced. As we update you with your employees progress you can share the change in the number of people who clicked on phishing emails at the beginning of the training compared to later in the training. This will demonstrate to your employees that the training has reduced the potential risk to the company as it has reduced the number of clicks on the phishing email.

Would you like to know more about SAT?

If the answer is yes, please feel free to get in touch! Premieredge offer a SAT package by Webroot, who are experts in the field.

Here at Premieredge we can help you to arrange a programme, set it up, and show you how to interpret the results. The programme has been made to be cost effective for any business small or large.

If you require more information, please call us on 01275 400 300, or email us on