Update on laptops to schools initiative

January 7, 2021

With schools closing this week until at least mid February, our drive to donate unused laptops and tablets to schools has become even more urgent. While a number of our clients have already donated devices, we would love to be able to gift more unused laptops and tablets to local schools where the need is currently high.

If you are able to donate one or more laptops (ideally with an i3 or i5 Intel processor) or a Windows tablet or iPad please contact us on devices@premieredge.co.uk to let us know which devices you have available, and if suitable we will arrange with you how to get the devices to us.

Yesterday we delivered our first 18 devices to St Nicholas of Tolentine Primary School in central Bristol, who were absolutely delighted to receive them.

The school have already delivered one of the laptops donated by a client to a local family who we understand were so thrilled they actually burst into tears. In fact our understanding is that this is the family receiving the laptop at the end of the film below.

The BBC are supporting the donation of laptops and tablets to schools under their ‘Make a Difference’ campaign where they direct individuals and companies to local charities such as Business2Schools, to donate their devices.

Geoff, one of our directors, has also been on the radio this morning talking about why Premieredge got involved with this initiative, so if you would like to learn more about it in his own words have a listen below. You can also have a giggle at his expense as they play ‘Where’s Geoff’ at the beginning of the article!

As a reminder if you have laptops or tablets to donate, the email address to contact us on is devices@premieredge.co.uk.