“What is IT support?” A simple question with a surprising answer! It’s like baking a cake…

December 7, 2017

When a group of people at a networking meeting were asked a simple question, “What is IT support?”, there were no surprising answers!

What many people think IT support is…

“Having someone on hand to fix your PC when it breaks” or “being able to speak to an expert when your IT goes wrong” were a couple of responses.

The break-fix model is probably the first thing that springs to mind when we think of IT support. If we asked you to choose five words to describe IT support, you may come up with “repair, help, advise, fix, solve”.

What Premieredge think IT support is…

If we were to choose five words to closely reflect IT support, they would be “planning, integration, managing, monitoring, budgeting”.


One of our main aims as IT support consultants is to help you manage your organisation’s IT by maximising security and efficiency.  In doing so, your business will be able to operate fully and evolve successfully.

There are of course, many elements of IT that you will need to take into account to ensure your business operates securely and efficiently: from monitoring to backups, networking to integration and security to disaster recovery planning. We can take care of all this for you and maintain that the best way of supporting our clients is by listening to our clients.  We feel this is fundamental to any good consultancy service and enables us to provide the best advice and support package to suit your needs.

IT support: A cake baking analogy

Planning and managing your IT can be stressful, particularly if you have little knowledge and experience of IT. It could be compared to baking your first ever birthday cake when you’ve never baked before!

Let’s take a look at a cake baking analogy to gain a better insight into IT support.

How do you bake a cake?


If you tried to bake a cake for the first time with no recipe and no instructions, you couldn’t. If you were then provided with a list of ingredients for the cake, could you bake it? The simple answer is ‘No’ as you don’t know what to do with the ingredients. You need some [SUPPORT].


It suddenly dawns on you that you don’t have any baking equipment either. Do you need a simple whisk, or something more sophisticated like a Magimix? Do you need one or two cake tins, what size should they be? What type of weighing scales are the best or do they all do the same thing? And do you need baking paper or can you just grease the tin? [PLANNING].

Budgeting and procurement

You begin to wonder how much it will cost to bake the cake and may even consider whether it’s more economical to buy one? [BUDGETING]However, you decide to go ahead and find a recipe from the Mary Berry Baking bible.  You write down a list of equipment and ingredients that you need to buy [IT PROCUREMENT].

System integration

Once you’ve purchased all the items, you’re ready.  You will need to carefully follow the recipe to know how much of the ingredients to weigh out and how they need to be mixed – system [INTEGRATION]

Now on your marks… get set…  BAKE!

Continuous monitoring

When the sponge mix is finally ready, you pour it into the tin and place the cake in the hot oven.  You set the timer and sit back with a cup of tea, watching avidly as the sponge slowly rises – continuous [MONITORING]. You wait excitedly for the timer to ‘ping’ but when you open the door…     Arghh! Disaster strikes!

Disaster recovery planning and back up

You foolishly underset the timer and watch in dismay as the sponge slowly sags in front of your very eyes! All is lost. Help! What do you do now? [DISASTER RECOVERY].  Head off to the local shops – your vital [BACKUP!]

Now if Mary Berry had helped you; giving advice and watching you along the way, you would probably make a nigh on perfect cake. Regular [REVIEWS].

Future business planning

And understandably as you’ve already given up your career in baking, you’ve decided to purchase next year’s birthday cake! – future business [PLANNING].

You’re more than happy to pay for some expertise, a stress free experience and the perfect cake! – yes, we can [MANAGE IT] for you. Everyone’s a winner.

What type of IT support can we provide?

Complex isn’t it? You too may be novices at IT or may have a good degree of knowledge but as specialists we can take care of things for you, removing the stress from your IT and giving you peace of mind.

We can help you by planning and budgeting for your current and future IT requirements; assisting you in procuring the most suitable equipment for your business; integrating your hardware and software so you can operate efficiently; proactively monitoring your systems to identify things before they go wrong; reviewing your existing systems and practices; and putting a disaster recovery plan in place, so you can be up and running again in no time, if something unexpected happened.

In the meantime, you can always pick up the phone and speak to our helpdesk for support and advice along the way.

Why not give us a call?

If you would like to talk through your IT set up and requirements to see if we can help your business become more secure and efficient, then give us a call. If however you need to bake a birthday cake, then please call Mary Berry!