Why we love a strategic review

September 20, 2018

Whether you love or hate a strategic review, it’s always good to remember why it’s a useful process and the impact it can have on your organisation – for better, not for worse!  A strategic review in any area of the business should be seen as a strategic asset, culminating in a plan that will deliver increased value to your business.

 How can an IT review add value to your business?

For the majority of businesses today, IT infrastructure and processes are fundamental to success by providing the best platforms to optimise security and performance.  Your IT forms a crucial piece of the strategic puzzle and we welcome working with you to create a solution for a successful strategic plan.

The road to success

Effective strategic planning will outline your future plans for your organisation and the actions needed to achieve those plans.  A strategic road map can be a good way of visualising what actions are needed and will allow you to measure your plan’s success through the achievement of short and long term goals.

It’s important that your IT road map is intrinsically linked to your corporate strategy in order for you to successfully achieve your targets.   The illustration below shows a simple roadmap for a car journey and how this can help you develop your corporate and IT roadmaps.

What can Premieredge do to help?

You probably wouldn’t embark upon a marketing campaign without engaging your marketing department so why deploy your IT plan without consulting your IT department?  Here are a number of ways in which Premieredge can work with you to fulfil your corporate objectives:

Be proactive

Be proactive in your approach to IT.  We can help by monitoring your systems and warning you of potential problems and threats before they reach you.   This could include managing your anti-virus software, carrying out security updates and patches, alerting you when your network is running close to full capacity and monitoring your broadband.  Don’t be reactive and wait for things to go wrong, face up to your IT challenges and start being proactive.

Planning ahead

Although you may have a fully functional IT system that works well for your business today, it’s important to plan ahead and look to the future.  Information technology plays a key role in business operations including managing information and optimising performance.  Your business will therefore need to be flexible to adapt to a fast-changing technological environment.

As part of our consultancy service we advise on your business’s IT requirements, not just today but in the future and can help you manage your IT budget along the way.

Budgeting wisely

Do you have somebody in your organisation who is responsible for meeting your organisation’s IT needs within agreed annual budgets? Many SME’s are unable to justify the cost of a dedicated in-house IT specialist who understands the business and puts appropriate plans in place to meet corporate objectives.

We will happily take on the IT Director’s role for you but rest assured IT’s not just about getting your cheque book out – we can also help you save money by budgeting wisely.

Investing in your IT or embracing new technology is often daunting and may make you err on the side of caution taking the ‘well, there’s always next year…’ approach.  However, it’s important to know what your business needs are rather than what you are coerced into thinking you need by clever scare mongering tactics and the incessant techno-hype that flood our screens every day.

Although we’ll make recommendations to improve your current infrastructure and systems, we also strive to reduce your costs whenever possible without compromising service levels to users or clients.

Being compliant

The word ‘compliance’ may make you feel a bit hot under the collar but put the word ‘regulatory’ in front of it and you may break into a full on sweat!  Your IT is a critical element of your regulatory compliance programme particularly since the introduction of the GDPR which came into effect on May 25th this year.

Premieredge can advise on how to protect your data and operate more securely by introducing you to the best systems and software on the market but we’re also happy to help with your IT compliance processes should you need it.

Solving to evolving!

We can provide you with a clear vision of your IT requirements.  By solving IT issues and providing expert advice on all aspects of IT, we’ll give you the support needed to evolve your business.  And if you’re thinking of expanding or investing in other ventures or acquisitions, Premieredge can assist with your due diligence so you can make the most informed decisions regarding your future business plans.

 Your mission and our mission

We love a strategic review as it gives us the opportunity to plan and implement the IT strategies you need to evolve as a business and allows us to support you in fulfilling your company’s mission.  In doing so, we can also fulfil our mission of being a leading provider of managed IT support for growing/successful businesses in the South West.

As a team we are passionate about what we do and by being your IT growth partner, we can work together to optimise your business’s performance.  If you would like help with planning your IT road map as part of your next strategic review, then please get in touch.