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Helping an insurance company remain compliant with industry regulations Gary Horswell, Ntegrity

Helping an insurance company remain compliant with industry regulations

Ntegrity are an independent insurance broker, specialising in insurance for professional companies such as law firms, accountants and surveyors. In particular Ntegrity focus on professional indemnity insurance, protecting their clients in the case of claims arising from negligence, but increasingly also against loss from cyber fraud.
As a company which works in a highly regulated industry they are very proactive in remaining compliant with all industry regulations, and IT is an important tool in helping them to do so.

IT is at the heart of Ntegrity’s operations

The insurance industry is highly regulated by the FCA – and staying compliant can be quite a challenge. IT was identified some time ago as key to delivering the level of compliance required, and with GDPR looming it has become even more important.
In fact, IT is a board level matter at Ntegrity, and as a result they needed to find a partner who could not only look after their systems, but also add real value and insight to how IT could support their need for compliance. Premieredge started working with Ntegrity a few years ago and have successfully fulfilled these needs.
Ntegrity started planning for GDPR 18 months ago and with Premieredge’s advice and help they have replaced almost all their IT equipment and systems, providing a much greater capability to protect client information. For example, Ntegrity now keep no data on their individual PCs. All data is written to more than one server and a copy is encrypted and backed up offsite. The offsite copy is periodically tested to ensure that data could be restored if required.’

An essential partner

In the words of Gary Horswell, Managing Director at Ntegrity, Premieredge were a ‘great find’ some years ago.

‘Geoff and Gordon’s insight is tremendously useful in helping us to evolve our systems to ensure we are maximising efficiency in the way we work without exposing the business to risk. We are delighted with Premieredge’s support and it is no exaggeration to say that we could not do what we do without them’.

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