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Working flexibly to deliver on a charity’s changing requirements Joe Hughes, Great Western Air Ambulance

Working flexibly to deliver on a charity’s changing requirements

Great Western Air Ambulance started working with Premieredge (back then Bristol IT Services, before our merger) in December 2011.  At the time we had tailored the IT around their needs as a small charity with limited funds. This included introducing a small business server which met their requirements perfectly at the time.

Since then, the charity has grown in parallel to us at Premieredge. At the time of our merger of Premieredge and Bristol IT Services, Great Western Air Ambulance reviewed the relationship and met the expanded team. They decided to renew the contract.

A new server to meet the needs of the growing charity

Due to their recent growth, Great Western Air Ambulance were beginning to outgrow the original server. More staff, the introduction of new software and an increasing quantity of files on the server meant an upgrade was necessary.

Following a meeting with the directors at Premieredge, a new IT plan was put in place. This included the server upgrade – a transition which chief operating officer Joe Hughes described as ‘simple, smooth and easy’.

Working in partnership to support the charity’s specific needs

Joe was particularly impressed at the time Premieredge took to understand the charity’s very specific needs. This enabled them to put forward a plan which delivered all the functionality that was required.

Premieredge have put service level agreements (SLAs) in place so the charity can be assured of a quick response to queries. In addition to this, Premieredge and Great Western Air Ambulance Charity meet at least quarterly to review recent activity and plan for the future.

‘Premieredge go above and beyond my expectations. I am immensely grateful to both Gordon and Geoff for their assistance and support. They really make the effort to understand our specific needs. This means they are able to support us to ensure we get the equipment we need and the support behind it to make sure our IT runs as smoothly as possible.  This aids us with our continued growth’.

 Joe Hughes, Chief Operating Officer, Great Western Air Ambulance Charity.

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