An IT partnership built on trust Matthew Lowe, Giacomini

An IT partnership built on trust

Giacomini S.p.A, founded in 1951, is a family-owned European manufacturer of brass Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) products.

Giacomini’s UK operation, based in Yate, Bristol, are leading suppliers to the UK heating industry; specialising in HVAC valves and components, heat interface units and underfloor heating design and installation, for residential, tertiary and industrial sectors.

A ‘safe pair of hands’ required

When the new Managing Director Matthew Lowe arrived at Giacomini in 2011, he recognised that the IT provision could be improved.  In particular he wanted to ensure that all hardware/software was fit for purpose and kept up to date so he did not need to be concerned that it would fail on him.

A decision was made to put the IT contract out to tender and following a recommendation, Gordon Wilkie from Bristol IT Services (BITS) was asked to pitch.  The contract was awarded to BITS, largely due to the honest approach from Gordon about what IT Giacomini really needed without trying to sell lots of additional products or services.

A continued relationship supporting the growth of Giacomini

As Giacomini has grown over the years this approach has continued, firstly with BITS, and then Premieredge following the successful merger, who have continued to advise and implement the IT required to support the growth of the company.

By working together closely, Giacomini are able to talk about processes they would like to improve within the company to make it operate more effectively, and Premieredge will suggest what technology could help this process and why. This has led to the introduction and management of many new products over the years from a 3CX phone system to high demand PCs, new servers and more. All of these have been introduced following a discussion over benefits versus costs, so Giacomini have always been confident that they are getting the solution they need.

A plain English approach to IT

IT can often sound like ‘technical gobbledegook’ and one of the real benefits for Giacomini of working with Premieredge is that they are able to explain in plain English what they are recommending and why.

‘Premieredge are able to cut through the IT nonsense and suggest what I need and why to benefit the business. They are able to put themselves in my shoes and understand what I am trying to achieve, and so I feel confident that what they are recommending is the best solution for Giacomini. I know I will always get honest advice rather than a hard sell and I appreciate this greatly.’

Matthew Lowe, Managing Director, Giacomini UK.

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