Helping a young-person’s charity grow within a limited budget Tracy Clark, Young Gloucestershire

Helping a young-person’s charity grow within a limited budget

Young Gloucestershire is a countywide charity that supports disadvantaged young people (aged 11-25) who are facing challenges in their lives.

Young Gloucestershire was growing and recognised a need to put in better structures to ensure smooth running and regulatory compliance. Upon reviewing all of its service providers, the charity identified that it was time for a revamp of their IT solution.

A listening approach differentiated Premieredge from other IT companies

As Young Gloucestershire started talking to IT companies, their common approach was that they would immediately come in and suggest a ‘solution’.

However, Premieredge were different. Instead of making assumptions, they asked Tracy what she wanted. They then worked with her, and the budget she had available, to come up with a plan for Young Gloucestershire’s IT.

Continuing to work in partnership for growth

This consultative approach to ensuring that Young Gloucestershire gets the best IT solution for them continues. Each time Young Gloucestershire needs to make internal changes, they discuss with Premieredge what the charity is trying to achieve. They then agree the best way to get there, given budget constraints.

Young Gloucestershire is happy to share their objectives for growth, their challenges and what money they can put into IT. In return, Premieredge will look at what they might need to do or buy to ensure the IT will continue to support their growth.

At the same time, Premieredge advise what they can do with their existing equipment. Importantly the two companies also look to the future. This means that Young Gloucestershire know what IT investment may be on the horizon, so there are no nasty surprises.

Strategic solutions to cut costs

Young Gloucestershire has recently started working in partnership with another charity called Infobuzz. Whilst the two charities are running in parallel, they are exploring how they can cut overheads and enjoy mutual benefits by working together.

To this end, Premieredge was asked to look at possible IT solutions. We completed a strategic piece of work looking at IT integration between the two charities so they both save money and run more efficiently.

‘I chose to work with Premieredge as they were the one IT company that really listened to what we needed before suggesting solutions. It was definitely the right choice. Premieredge have continued to work with us consultatively to achieve what we need within our often limited budgets. This ensures we have the right IT in place to support our growth’

Tracy Clark, CEO, Young Gloucestershire

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